Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Styles not applied to all texts

Word makes judgments

When text is selected, Word must examine the styles that have been applied and determine which to keep and which to overwrite.
  1. Type the following text:

This line will test how styles and formatting work in Word.

  • Select all the text, and then apply italic formatting.

  • Select all the text, and then apply a style such as Heading 1.

    You notice that italic formatting is not retained.

  • Select all the text, apply the Normal style, and then remove the italic formatting.

  • Select "work in Word" in the text, and then apply the italic formatting.

  • Select all the text, and then apply the Heading 1 style.
  • You notice that the italic formatting is retained.
    'This behavior occurs because Word uses a specific rule to determine whether to apply a style to selected text. According to this rule, Word applies a style depending on the percentage of the selected text that already has formatting applied. For example, if you already applied formatting to less than 50 percent of the selected text, this formatting is retained when you apply a style. If the selected text includes multiple paragraphs, Word first calculates the percentage of text that is formatted in the first paragraph. Then, it examines the paragraphs in the same range. If the formatting that is applied to the text in the paragraphs that follow the first paragraph differs from most of the formatting in the first paragraph, Word does not apply the style to the following paragraphs. Therefore, the formatting is retained in these paragraphs."
    A style is not applied to all the selected text in Word

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